Ruja Shakya – Ill-fated air hostess featured in various medias

The Sita Air crash that killed it’s beautiful air hostess, Ruja Shakya, has been featured in international media including The Telegraph in UK.


The plane crash caused the death of seven British trekkers along with 12 other passenger and crew members. Dean Nelson for The Telegraph states:

The parents of the air hostess killed along with seven British trekkers when their jet crashed in Kathmandu, said their beauty queen daughter had died chasing her dream of working for a ‘glamorous’ international air line.

The 24-year-old Ruja Shakya had taken a two-year long air hostess training before joining Sita Air. The ill-fated crash killed her after 6 months of service to the airlines. Ruja was an outgoing person who had participated in a series of beauty and talent contests, and she was also studying for a business degree in Siddhartha College in her third year in BBS.

Details on Ruja is covered in Nepali media like The Himalayan Time, thmandu Post.

Five crashes and 88 deaths in two years is not a good track record in air travel safety in Nepal. The government should do more than investigation on the cause of the crash and create a long-term plan in upgrading the air travel safety.


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