I was a tom-boy, Prinsha Shrestha

Miss Nepal Earth 2014 Prinsha Shrestha used to be like a tom-boy. She would dress like a boy, drive bike and didn’t do any makeups. She participated in Miss Teen 2008 for her mother and won it. After winning the title she realized that the beauty contests aren’t contests to measure outside beauty. At that time she decided to participate in Miss Nepal.

prinsha shrestha (2)

Although she didn’t prepare herself for contests, she trained herself to learn things she didn’t know. For example, she joined modeling institute to learn how to walk properly. She also joined make up classes.

Prinsha isn’t interested in making modeling her career. Modeling is a field where a model walks on other’s instruction. Prinsha wants to do things on her own ways. So, she wants to use the modeling sector to do things she likes. Read the full interview in the following image:

miss nepal 2014 interviews_prinsha shrestha

miss nepal earth 2014 prinsha with miss nepal earth 2013

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