I love living life with regrets, Prinsha Shrestha

This is the article written by Miss Nepal Earth 2014, Prinsha Shrestha. Prinsha had initially written these words in her Facebook timeline. 

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Yes, they were wrong. People who said ‘Live life with no regrets’ were wrong. Books that quoted ‘Live life without regrets’ should never have been published.

Because that particular suggestion has affected human behavior in a pattern that ruins relationship pattern of us, innocent beings.

We are never born perfect, you see. I had a round (huge) face when I was an infant. I didn’t know the multiplication table until Grade 5. As a matter of fact, I still don’t know the table of 7 and 8. But it’s okay. People are not perfect; they are never meant to be.

But for some reason, we expect our relationship pattern to be Cristal clear perfect ! And we are so much stuck up with the idea of living life without regrets, that we end of missing the essence of relationships.

I had made terrible mistakes with my relationships, surprisingly more with my friends than my love relationship. But, I always made sure that I gave it a chance, without fearing the idea that ‘I might ‘regret’ it if things doesn’t go right. The same goes true when people expect a hint of forgiveness from me. I do not let my ego rule over my soft corner. I don’t run with the idea of ‘what if I regret it’ !

Well, sometimes, the relationships grew better, sometimes okay. And at some-odd-times, it got nowhere. But either which way, even though I had regretted my decisions, they were ‘good’ regrets. I always had a satisfied heart that said- at least you tried.

So yes, live life with regrets. It’s so much better than living with ‘WHAT IFs’ !

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