Hidden Treasure’s hidden politics on Malina’s Miss Asia Pacific participation

When people say that Nepali people don’t miss any opportunity to pull legs of successful people, I do my best not to believe them. But, when reputed organization and their Chairman’s start doing such nonsense I feel very sad – really sad!

malina joshi in miss asia pacefic

This is the incident of the Miss Nepal organizer Hidden Treasure’s Chairman’s statement on Malina Joshi‘s participation in the Miss Asia Pacific 2013. Malina Joshi’s participation was no secret before she went to Malaysia on October 14. But, after she participated in various events of the competition and was also selected as the semi-finalist in the contest, the Miss Nepal organizers have issued a press release threatening to sue Malina if she uses Miss Nepal crown in the event.

Hidden Treasure says that Malina has participated in the beauty contest without informing them and was participating as Miss Nepal 2013. In the promotion video in sharp contrast to the organization’s claim, Malina has clearly said that she is Miss Nepal 2011, not the current Miss Nepal.

Although Hidden Treasure’s claim are baseless, there are a few unanswered questions even if we assume their statement are true. Here are some:

  • If she was not technically allowed then wasn’t she stopped? Everybody knew about her participation before she flew to Malaysia.
  • She didn’t go there secretly. There were news about her participation then, why did they wait wait for 7 days before the press release?
  • Now, at the time there is high chance that she might be winning some titles – why are they trying to stop her.

Malina was training for the event for a long time and it’s funny Hidden Treasure was hidden somewhere to notice it.

We hope Malina will come back victorious and make all of us proud. All the best Malina!

malina joshi beautiful

You can read the info about Hidden Treasure’s dissatisfaction in Nagarik.

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  1. To me, u are like a horse for a long journey. I mean to say that u can go a long way in your journey in order to attain desired amount of success, pride, respect and popularity in the future dear young lady. For this one, u must try your luck, effort and chance.

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