Flag on a dress, do we need to criticize the Pokhara fashion show?

The organizers of a fashion show in Pokhara had to apologize when a model wore a dress made out of the national flag of Nepal. The mini skirt worn by the model Sima Pandey had the the Nepali flag print in it.

pokhara fashion show (6)

The fashion show named Parachiya Night was held on May 1. The organizer of the fashion show has accused the designer Mohan Khadka of not showing her the controversial design before the show. The choreographer of the fashion show, Nabin Shakya, has also admitted their mistake.

The fashion show was organized to raise money for earthquake relief work. Models had worn various dresses in ten different themes. All the profits from the show will go towards earthquake relief efforts.

According to the usage rules, of Flag can not be worn in body parts below the waist.

the rules of flag

We at Badmasi.com believe that such an absurd requirements shouldn’t be placed. There is no harm in making a skirt or underwear out of a Flag.

We appreciate the design of the 18-years-old designer, Mohan Khadka. Keep the good works Mohan! (Please comment)

Below are some of the designs of Mohan:

seema model parichaya night

pokhara fashion show (2)

pokhara fashion show (11)

pokhara fashion show (8)

Photo credit – S2 Production

UPDATE: What about other countries:

India – The flag should never be used as a cloth to cover tables, lecterns, podiums or buildings, or be draped from railings. There is no mention of use in a fashion attire.

In most of the countries there is no restriction to use flags in under wear. I stumbled upon a site where flag underwear of most of the countries are available to purchase. I was surprised to find one with a Nepali flag too.

online shop nepal flag in underwear

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