First ever fashion show in Urlabari, Morang

On the occasion of the new year 2070, a fashion show was organized in Urlabari, Morang. The fashion show ‘New Year Fashion Fiesta’, organized by Bargachi Yuva Samuha was the first such show in the area.

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In the Urlabari fashion show models from Dharan, Damak and Urlabari had participated. Out of the eleven models 9 were from Dharan, 1 from Damak and one from Urlabari. The participating models include Madhu Bokhim, Jina Rai, Tani Subba, Priyanka Tamang, Simran Rai, Srijana Limbu, Smita Shrestha, Nisha Nemwang, Stela Rai, Chahana Subba (Damak) and Anita Tamrakar (Urlabari).

The fashion show featured various designs of gowns, boutique and casual dresses. In addition to catwalk the show featured songs and music. The sponsors of the show were Prince Boutique Urlabari and Modern Beauty Parlor.

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Photo credits – Santosh Singh

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