Facebook profiles of Miss Nepals (updated)

This post was originally created to post the Facebook profiles of Miss Nepal 2014 Contestats. While keeping the original content at the bottom of the page, we have updated it with the Facebook profiles of all the Miss Nepal so far.

Year Miss Nepal Facebook Address
2014 Subin Limbu facebook.com/slumfawalimbu
2013 Ishani Shrestha facebook.com/ishani.s.shrestha
2012 Shristi Shrestha facebook.com/shristi.shrestha.5
2011 Malina Joshi facebook.com/malinajoshi2011
2010 Sadichha Shrestha facebook.com/sadichha.shrestha
2009 Zenisha Moktan facebook.com/ZNYXIA
2007 Sitashma Chand facebook.com/chand.sitashma
2005 Sugarika KC facebook.com/ssugarika.kc
2004 Payal Shakya facebook.com/payal.shakya.5
2003 Pretty Sitaula facebook.com/priti3
2002 Malvika Subba facebook.com/malvika.subba.7
2000 Usha Khadgi facebook.com/usha.khadgi
1999 Shewta Singh facebook.com/singhshweta21
1998 Niru Shrestha
1997* Jharana Bajracharya facebook.com/agnisila
1997 Neelilma Gurung facebook.com/neelima.gurung.378
1996 Poonam Ghimire facebook.com/punam.g.risal
1995 Sumi Khadka facebook.com/sumi.khadka.92
1994 Ruby Rana facebook.com/rppshah

*Jharana Bajracharya was Miss Nepal World 1997 whereas Neelima was Miss Nepal 1997.

*** Original Content***
We have compiled the links of the Facebook profiles of Miss Nepal 2014 contestants. Links to the profiles and details of each of the contestants are available here.

miss nepal 2014 contestants

Links to the Facebook profiles of Fanta the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2014 Official Contestants (click on the name of the contestant on the Left). Except for Subin Limbu the profiles of all 19 contestants are listed below.

  1. Prinsha A. Shrestha  – Profile of Prinsha Shrestha
  2. Versa Rie – profile of Varsha Rai
  3. Priyanka Jha – profile of Priyanka Jha
  4. Lakpa Tamang – profile of Lakpa Wongmo
  5. Subin Limbu – Facebook profile of Subin Limbu (updated)
  6. Priyanka Bhandari – Facebook profile of Priyanka Bhandari
  7. Bajaj Neha – Facebook profile of Neha Bajaj
  8. Namita Gurung – profile of Namita Gurung
  9. Greece Ma Nvs – profile of Grishma Basnet
  10. Rash Rashmita – profile of Rasmita Maharjan
  11. Sitoshna Ban – profile of Sitoshna Ban
  12. Alisha Kunwar – profile of Alisha Kunwar
  13. Alaras Lapen – profile of Sarala Nepal
  14. Mona Bajracharya – profile of Mona Bajracharya
  15. Rasmi Adhikari – profile of Rashmi Adhikari
  16. Sonie Rajbhandari profile of Sonie Rajbhandari
  17. Aastha Pokharel – profile of Aastha Pokharel
  18. Rajnita Bhetwal – profile of Ranjita Bhetwal
  19. Pranayna K.C. – profile of Pranayana KC
  20. Rycha Bhattarai – profile of Richa Bhattarai

In her Facebook message the Hidden Treasure CEO Shweta Singh has stated that the contestants are “Winners, achievers, talented, strong headed, focused and level headed. That is how I would like to describe this year’s Fanta The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2014 contestants. All the best girls, you all can do it.”

Here is the link to the official page of Miss Nepal beauty contest – https://www.facebook.com/missnepalofficial/

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