Eshee Awai’s Dashain plans

This year’s Miss Kirat, Eshee Awai has plans to celebrate Dashain in Kathmandu. To celebrate Dashain Eshee’s relatives come to Kathmandu and they have a big celebration plan in her home. Eshee’s family and relatives also organize a lot of get-togethers.

Eshee Awai_miss_kirat_2012_photo

Eshee says that she doesn’t know how to fly kites but she is Dashain swing crazy. She has plans to go to Tokha to play the swing made there for Dashain.

For Dashain, Eshee has plans to buy winter dresses, coat and boots. She enjoys the empty streets in Kathmandu during Dashain and loves the sight of people walking with Dashain Tika and Jamara on their heads.

Eshee Awai_miss_kirat_2012

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