Did Khusbu Oli escaped police surveillance and reached London?

Khusbu Oli, the girlfriend of the gangster, ‘Chari’ who was killed in a police encounter, has fled country and reached UK. In a report, the police was investigating Khusbu’s on the sources of her properties. The police is investigating the properties of the gangster and his relatives. The police had banned Khusbu to leave Kathmandu until the investigation was over.

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In a few online reports, Khsubu has reportedly updated her Facebook status from the UK. But, we couldn’t verify that as such post (if any) were already deleted in her profile. In the reports, Khusbu is in London to participate in a meeting of her NGO, Shelter.

In earlier reports, the police had stated that the model was in special surveillance and wasn’t allowed to leave the country. In addition to property investigation, she is also being investigated for her link to illegal business of ‘Chari’. 

Khusbu is accused of illegal activities under the shelter of her NGO that works for underprivileged children. We hope, the statement is not true and

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