Dance parties and beauty contests, new trends in Pokhara

Every now-and-then dance parties of different calibers are organized in Pokhara. Similarly, beauty contests are also organized very frequently. It seems, Pokhara is trying to be the entertainment center in Nepal.

Because of the natural beauties and tourist centered business, Pokhara has always been a glamorous place. With these new trends Pokhara has become more lively.


These days dance parties organized in swimming pools are more popular among young generation teens and tweens. Umesh Pun took the following photo in a recent dance party in Bulls Man in which, the life guards are rescuing an unconscious participant.

Dance parties and other glamorous events are good for the residents and economy but, locals think that the government should be more vigilant in making sure that criminal activities are not conducted in such parties.


Photo credits – Umesh Pun – HKNepal.

A recent article in Kantipur outlines the current trend of beauty contests being held in Pokhara.


2 thoughts on “Dance parties and beauty contests, new trends in Pokhara

  1. dance party and pool dance party are for us. we are teenagers/youngsters of 21st century. our nepal government should take action against those person who are above 30 years of age. because these old men or women, they are not made for enjoying, they are made for working. because above 30 years old ages person are old and they should engage in work and take care of their children and family’s future. they are actually not made for enjoying. they are made for working or job. recently, i have seen many old men and women, they go to party for enjoy and they go cinema hall to see cinemas. what about their childrens and family. they should take responsible of their children and take care of their future. but they are not doing now a days. above 30 years of age person should not allowed to dance party or pool dance party. even in very this picyure. old men are pulling the teenager girl from swimming pool. how can they enter in pool party? who allowed these old men inside our new generation pool party. so disgusting and filthy. i really hate old person above 30 years old ages.

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