Bindu Pariyar wins legal battle with her ex-husband, Tom Sewell asked to pay $7.25M

A Nepali girl living in the USA has won a legal battle against her ex-husband, Tom Sewell, in an US court. Bindu Pariyar, a resident of Hemja, Pokhara was lured to marry Tom and taken to the USA for better future. But, once in the USA, he forced her to dance in strip club and sleep with strangers for money.


Tom had actually plotted the plan since the time Bindu was one-year-old toddler. He had married Bindu’s relative at that time. He had also paid for the schooling in private school. He had married an elder sister, Sita Pariyar, and did the same thing before he married Bindu.

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Archana Paneru outdoor photos in bikini, designs dress

The young girl who wanted to be an adult star, Archana Paneru, received a widespread coverage in a short period of time. As fast as she gained popularity, the talk and interest has waned in the online media. She has been banned from Facebook and YouTube and it seems, she is only active in Twitter. She isn’t that popular in Twitter either.

She had told that she was in a program in Dadeldhura. I searched for the event she participate in without success. She has shared some scantly-clad photos taken on her way to and back from Dadeldhura.

archana paneru hot shot

It seems, Archana wants to try new things. She has shared some dress-designs she has prepared. I have no idea on the artistic value of these drawing, I am sharing them for our readers to comment on.

archana paneru dress design2

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Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru became Christian, Sunita opens up

The mother-daughter who want to show off their bodies and act in adult movies have left their religion by birth, Hindu and adopted Christianity. Video report :

Paneru mother and daughter haven’t given the reason behind the move. One can assume that they have chosen the religion because the Western world is more open in sex-related matters. While it is a taboo to talk about sex in the countries like Nepal and India, it is not like that in the Western world.

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Tirsana Budhathoki goes gym, questions hypocrisy

Model Tirsana Budhathoki had been using controversy to get popular. She has used controversial statements and photos. She had some fans in the beginning and she took the cue of her fans – to show off her body and being a tease. But, these days, things have changed. There are a lot of other models who are competing with Tirsana in that avenue. That might be the reason Tirsana tried to become normal by posing as a goddess during Dashain and Tihar festival. Those pictures however weren’t as popular as her tease-shots. (video report is not available anymore)

Now, Tirsana has returned back to her old self. She has started modeling in skimpy clothes and tease shots. In a Facebook post, Tirsana has accused some media of publishing fake interviews. She has threatened to take legal action against them.

tirsana budhathoki question

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Sunita Paneru, mom of Archana Paneru on her daughter’s path

The mother of a grade 10 student Archana Paneru, Sunita Paneru had taken the objectionable photos of her daughter and shared in internet. They were arrested for the crime but were released when they promised not to repeat the office. But, within a month of release from the police, they have started sharing such photos again in Facebook and Twitter.

What is more interesting is that the mother herself has started to pose for the photos. It seems, she is very interested to be popular by the way her daughter has become well known. Sunita has recently uploaded hot photos of herself in her night gown. She has shown the sign of following her daughter’s path. Video report:

In an audio released by her daughter, Sunita’s husband (Archana’s father) Bhoj Raj Paneru is not happy by the way his wife and daughter were exposing themselves. He can be heard talking foul language and accusing the mother and daughter to be whores and call girls. In response, both Archana and Sunita had asked for divorce. They say that they want to be free from the guy and do whatever they like doing.

sunita paneru in bikini yellow

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Model Manjila Chaudhary

One of the top 10 contestants of Miss Purwanchal 2014 beauty contest, Manjila Chaudhary is a model and actress. In addition to modeling, Manjila has also acted in a number of Tharu movies.

Watch the profile video of Manjila:

A graduate of plus two from Koshi College, Manjila is 5′ and 7 inches tall. She had also worked in UNICEF funded project as a part time worker. Manjila loves dancing, singing and social work. Manjila is from Morang. Manjila was contestant number 15 in Miss Purwanchal 2014. We had shared the contestants of the beauty contest earlier. In her profile in this page, we had written – “Manjila likes visit places and dancing.”

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Archana Paneru hot photo updates

The hot cake of the current time, Archana Paneru, has sent some outdoor photos. She had mostly shared indoor photos before. Now, she has gone outdoor. Although she is fully clothed in these photos and our earlier post also showed Archana in more decent poses, she says that she still want to go extreme.

archana paneru pink and yellow at her gate

In addition to sharing these photos she has also shared some photos without wearing the clothes.

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Payal Sharma, hot Nepali model in Butwal

Born in Chitwan, Payal Sharma’s family relocated to Butwal when she was a toddler.

payal sharma selfie

Payal Sharma profile:

  • Name – Payal Sharma
  • Date of Birth – November 28, 1994
  • Education – Paramount Boarding Higher Secondary School (SLC), New Horizon College (+2), Pilottama College (BBA on-going), Butwal.
  • Height – 5′ 5″
  • Debut music video – “Bhetanai Hunna …” by Pramod Kharel
  • Works – Model, VJ at Buddha Community Television, RJ in Khasyauli FM 91.8 (past)

Active and outgoing Payal Sharma is a well known personality in TV and radio. In addition to working as RJ and VJ, Payal is also trained in various skill development training including personality development, leadership, cat-walking etc.

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Dashain modeling, Durga avatar of Tirsana Budhathoki

Happy Vijaya Dashami to all the visitors of

Hot model Tirsana Budhathoki has done modeling as Goddess Durga for this Dashain. In the photo session Tirshna is featured as Goddesses Durga, Kali and other forms of the goddess. The photos seem more like photo-shop work than an actual costume photo session.

Talking to a newspaper, Tirsana told that she is more than a hot model. She says, “I have talent and I can do all types of modeling.” She says that the Goddess photo session is a proof that in addition to being a hot model she can also do the modeling for serious issues.

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Archana Paneru gets sober, in saree

After being arrested for posting in-decent photos in Facebook, Archana Panaru seem to have changed now. She has stopped sharing scantly clad photos and is sharing photos in saree these days. Although Archana and her mom Sunita still insist that she will follow the path of Sunny Leone, it is good to see her in more decent poses.

These photos are the proof that Archana doesn’t need to take them off to attract the attention of the viewers. She looks beautiful in clothes than without them.

archana paneru in pink lehenga

If you haven’t seen the video of Archana and her mother Sunita in the police station, here is the video:

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