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Model Binu Basnet entered the Nepali modeling industry through a music video of Bidhan Shrestha. The remake music video titled ‘Yo Naniko Siraima …’ helped Binu to start the career in the entertainment industry. After that Binu has worked in four different documentaries, short comedy, commercials and few music videos.

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Binu is better known for her role in short comedy ‘Paisako Dhak’ and the debut music video ‘Yo Naniko …’  In addition to being popular for her roles in music videos, Binu was also awarded Best Catwalk title in the 2013 edition of The Grand Beauty Pageant.

Talking about her desire, Binu says that she wants to make herself a ‘perfect dancer’. Here are some Q&A of the model (based on an interview by Online Dainik):

How Binu Basnet Started her modeling career ?

Binu Basnet liked to dance since her childhood. Dance is her passion. She used to dream herself becoming a models like the ones seen in TV. After SLC she came to Kathmandu from Inaruwa for further studies. When she was in 12th grade she met singer Bidhan Shrestha. As both Bidhan and Binu are from the same hometown, they became close friends – like brother and sister. Bidhan debuted her in the music video.

Binu believes she has talent to become a good model. She is waiting for the right opportunity to unveil her talent. Apart from good figure and good looks she also possesses qualities like dedication, friendliness, desire to excel and talent to do so.

Love life of Binu Basnet

Binu felt the first love when she was in school. When she was in grade 9 she fell for a boy. Although both of them were in deep love, it didn’t become successful. The social hurdle seperated them. Now the guy is already married. Binu says that she respects his family and wish him all the success in life.

As of now, she is single and isn’t seeing anybody. But, she also wish it would be fun if there were somebody to be with.

What is sex ?

Binu thinks sex is the ultimate point of love. It is the meeting point of two soul. She says, sex is normal if two human are deeply in love. Binu says that she prefers sex only after marriage. She says, “Sex is not everything. If you are deeply in love you can live life even without sex.”

People say sex is personal freedom. But, Binu thinks human shouldn’t act like animals. Being a social animal, people should follow social norms and prestige. She also admits that the time has changed a lot these days. Although she has seen people start affair after a sexual relationships, she doesn’t think that is good. Being a natural thing, one shouldn’t be too concerned about sex and relationship.

An interesting incident

Once Binu had given her memory card to one of her friends to copy dance song. But, he copied a blue film instead. She was very surprised when she saw it.

Model Binu Basnet is originally from East Nepal – Inaruwa, Koshi. Binu had always wanted to become a successful model. Her dream came true when singer Bidhan Shrestha debuted her as a model in his music video.

Watch the first music video of Binu Basnet:

Title – Yo Nani ko siraima….
Vocal – Bidhan Shrestha
Models – Aahana Basnet, Bidhyanchal Bista, Aasha Tamang

Based on the original song of singer Prem Dhoj Pradhan and song collector Jhalak Man Gandharva.

Hot photos of Binu Basnet

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