Bindu Pariyar wins legal battle with her ex-husband, Tom Sewell asked to pay $7.25M

A Nepali girl living in the USA has won a legal battle against her ex-husband, Tom Sewell, in an US court. Bindu Pariyar, a resident of Hemja, Pokhara was lured to marry Tom and taken to the USA for better future. But, once in the USA, he forced her to dance in strip club and sleep with strangers for money.


Tom had actually plotted the plan since the time Bindu was one-year-old toddler. He had married Bindu’s relative at that time. He had also paid for the schooling in private school. He had married an elder sister, Sita Pariyar, and did the same thing before he married Bindu.

In 2012 when Bindu refused to go with a stranger, Tom assaulted Bindu and was arrested. That was how Bindu got away from Tom. After that, Tom started online smearing of Bindu. He shared all her photos in objectionable position. He also shared photos and videos in which he is seen training Bindu to become a sex worker. He had shared videos of Bindu with different male and female customers. Bindu accused Tom of intoxicating her and force to have sex with strangers and recording the acts. Tom shared all these videos and photos online causing the information about Bindu to spread like fire.

Now, the court has asked Tom to take down all the videos and photos of Bindu from online and has also asked $7.25 million to Bindu for the damage caused by his action. Tom is also accused of tricking Bindu into breast implants and human trafficking.

We had written about Bindu in our previous post, based on information obtained from Bindu and other sources.


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