Bindu Pariyar in traditional Nepali attire

The strip dancer and model in the USA, Bindu Pariyar is known for taking off the clothes. But, here we are presenting the beauty side of the adult artist. She looks beautiful and attractive in traditional Nepali dresses.

bindu pariyar nepali saree

Being forced to live in the USA is not something Bindu prefers. When asked if she wants to come back to Nepal, Bindu says that she misses the country very much. The sad part is that she is not ready to face the humiliation she would get because of her profession.

Bindu says that she is not happy in the USA. But, what has happened can’t be reversed and she feels being trapped in the country. Bindu currently lives in Dallas, Texas and works in an Indian restaurant.

bindu pariyar - red saree

BINDU PARIYAR grenn dress sile

BINDU PARIYAR with friend traditional nepali dress

Photo credits – Bindu Pariyar

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