Bindu Pariyar – a Nepali adult model in the USA

A girl from Hemja, Pokhara, Bindu Pariyar, was taken to the US to work as a strip dancer by an US citizen. The guy, Tom Sewell, had known Bindu since her childhood and he waited till she became an adult to marry and take her to the USA. In various photos and videos released by Tom, he had trained Bindu to become strip dancer so that he can live in her income.

bindu pariyar poledancing

When Bindu got tired of Tom and ran away with a boyfriend, Tom released intimate photos and videos of Bindu to defame her. A leading weekly ‘Saptahik’ also published a cover story on the strip dancer.

bindu paryar in hot pink polka dot

If the life of Bindu is investigated, a lot of dark side of her relationship with the US citizen and his friends could be revealed. At times, Bindu has told that Tom and his friends have abusing the children in Nepal. Although the claim isn’t baseless, authenticity of the claim is not easy to prove.

bindu paryar poses beside a car

bindu_pariyar_hottybindu excercise

bindu paryar holloween costume

In 2012 Bindu told in a Facebook post that she was the “fourth girl to be trapped from Nepal.”

bindu facebook statement

a 1989 photo showing tom sewell, bindu and her mother

A 1989 photo show Tom Sewell with Bindu Pariyar (with red hat) and her mother.

bindu pariyar with tom sewel

Photo of Tom Sewell with Bindu Pariyar after they got married.

Another stripper Sita Pariyar is also told to be brought to the USA in the similar way. Not much is known about Sita or Bindu these days.

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  1. Bindu Pariyar was already a prostitute in Pokhara, before coming to America, at the Baglung buspark after school, and in Lakeside with many nepali and tourist boys. everyone knows in Pokhara.

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