Bhawana KC, a model and a dog trainer

A tall and beautiful model, Bhawana KC, is also a professional dog observer and behaviorist at K9 Dog Training and Care. Bhawana loves working with dogs and enjoys the job more than everything else.

Bhawana kc 35

Bhawana feels proud to be the first dog trainer all over Nepal. To dog owners, Bhawana suggests, ‘Be simple, think simple. Train dogs on simple habits only in the mornings.” She says, dogs can process the information better in the morning.

In addition to being a professional dog trainer, Bhawana was also featured in TimroHamro and other modeling websites.

Some hot photos of Bhawana:

Bhawana kc 4

Bhawana kc 14

Bhawana kc 15

Bhawana kc with sushma karki

Photo above – Bhawana with model and actress Sushma Karki.

Bhawana kc 11

Bhawana kc 33

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