Beautiful Nepali model died in Portugal, RIP Shristi Shahi,

A model and dancer Shristi Shahi has died in Portugal last month. The 28 years old model was featured in a number of music videos and advertisements. She also used to dance in cultural programs in Portugal. She had been living in Portugal for the last 5 years. Video report:

Shristi Shahi was originally from Sinduli. She had married Bimal Shrestha 11 years ago and was living in Portugal with her husband.

Shristi had collapsed in her home when her heart failed. She was rushed to hospital. At the hospital, the attempt to bring her to life failed and she died on Ashad 9, 2073. Her last rituals were performed in a few days.

We wish Shristi Shahi’s soul rest in peace.

shristi-shahi rip

Shristi Shahi in a music video sample:

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