Bartika Rai Miss Nepal USA finalist 2013

Miss Nepal US(A) 2013 participant Bartika Rai hails from Woodside, NY. 22-years-old Bartika describes herself as a self-motivated, honest and grounded person. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds.

bartika rai

Bartika’s hobby include making music, writing, film-making, theater, teaching, discovering new forms of music, reading novels and traveling. Bartika’s creations can be heard at this link. As a writer, Bartika had also worked with ECS Media and Navyaata magazine.

Bartika says that she grew up watching the beauty contest Miss Nepal and was awed by the pageant. He had always been one of the critics of these pageants but she later grew out of criticizing and wanted to participate herself. She wanted to participate in Miss Nepal US to see what it is like to participate in the contest. In addition to the new experience, she will also be a part of the Nepali community in a place away from home.

bartika rai with ballons

If Bartika is able to win the title, she wants to create awareness on sexual harassment and molestation. Bartika is also troubled by the Chaupadi tradition in the rural western Nepal and wants to deal the problem with health perspective.

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