Babi Rosa Dhakal talks sex with Jayan

In an interview with Jayan Subba Manandhar, model and actress Babi Rosa Dhakal talked openly about her sexual preferences and past. Babi was in leading role in the movie ‘The Last Kiss‘.

babi rosa dhakal cigrette

In Jayan’s question about blue films, Babi told that she has see such Nepali video clips.

Babi believes, the sexiest part of her body is her breast. She also get compliments about them being sexy by a lot of people. Babi is also modern in terms of her view on sex. She believes, adult people need it and it’s normal on mutual understanding. She says, marriage shouldn’t be a prerequisite.

In her movie ‘The Last Kiss’ she had done a real lip kiss – the scene required by the story. She considers herself proficient in kissing, based on her experience with her boyfriend. Full test of the interview is attached below:

babi rosa dhakal - hawamodel

Some more photos of Babi Rosa Dhakal:

babi rosa dhakal selfie

babi rosa dhakal selfie 2

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