Astha Shrestha – crowned Miss Nepal US(A) 2012

UPDATE: The contestant profiles of Miss Nepal US 2012 contestants are consolidated in a single post.

The American beauty of Nepali origin, Astha Shrestha, was crowned Miss Nepal US(A) 2012 title in an event held to select this year’s Miss Nepal US out of 28 contestants. Nurja Shrestha is selected the first runner-up and the second runner-up title was awarded to Aashma Dhakal.


After winning the title Astha told:

One of the greatest experience of my life! Winning the title of Miss Nepal USA was an honor but it wasn’t the only thing I won. My greatest achievement at Miss Nepal USA is the family that i am now a part of and will always be. All the 28 beautiful contestants of this pageant were talented and equally deserving and we are all winners because we are going back home with an unforgettable and inspiring experience. A special Thanks to all the family members of Miss Nepal USA and everyone who supported the event!

The title winners include:

  • Miss Nepal US 2012 and Most disciplined – Astha Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal US 2012 1st Runner up – Nurja Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal US 2012 2nd Runner up – Aashma Dhakal
  • Best Smile – Sujana Rajkarnikar
  • Best Catwalk – Kinjalk Dwa
  • Most Popular – Sangita Dhakal
  • Most Friendly – Kandu Shrepa
  • Best Personality – Rakshya Khatri
  • Best Dress – Roshani Gurung
  • Best photogenic – Michelle Lama
  • Most Talented Personality – Swechha Baral
  • Best hair – Prabina Bhattarai

Astha is a good singer too. Her songs can be listened in Astha’s YouTube Channel.

4 thoughts on “Astha Shrestha – crowned Miss Nepal US(A) 2012

  1. This is what happened:

    The event centre was only booked till midnite….. It was a university event centre and they can not open pass their building closing time… However, the program started almost around 10pm when it was supposed to start at seven….. Yes three hours late……
    The introduction round of the girls was great…. I was impressed with the quality of the contestants this year……
    After that, that had few performances by Nalina Chitrakar, om bikram Bista….and then made the girls walk the ramp in UFO outfits and AGAIN walk the ramp with a light calling it a peace round ….., then top ten were announced and question answer round started

    Clearly there were few contestant that had stood out from the very beginning of the show.. Even though I didn’t know any contestant personally… I could sense the strongest contenders from the very beginning

    Among the top ten question answer, the answers that stood out to me was
    Aastha shrestha.. She got lucky she used the same answer that she used in her introduction which didn’t reflect any new views about her…. But she said it well so I was content with her answer.

    Sadikshya Silwal….,She was very articulate with her answer. The diff between mother and motherland… Nicely done!

    srajeena joshi She was asked her recent accomplishment and she talked about her Americorps experience f.. Shortly, sweetly and to the point. She was the one contestant that didn’t blabber unnecessary stuff on stage.

    Barsha Moktan….she was asked about what would she choose feeding 1000 people or creating 1000 jobs…. She wittingly replied creating 1000 jobs….. Her explanation was clever and ended a little off but it was still good.

    So all the audience are waiting for the top 5 announcement and all of a sudden the host comes and shares that they will decide the winner now…as they are running our of time…

    We were so shocked…. How can you decide the winner without having a common question asked to everyone and examine their intellectualism on a common question.
    You can not expect the answer of how would u develop your nation vs tell me the most beautiful part of your body’s answer to be on the same level of intellectualism…. Then how can you chose a winner?

    And then the winner was announced … Second runner up… The girl could even answer the question …. She was asked her agenda to promote tourism/ Nepali culture…. She just blabbered and didn’t answer the question at all
    Let me not even talk about the first runner up…. She was an even bigger shock to me…
    And then the winner was announced astha shrestha. … Well she did gave her answer beautifully and I had predicted her to be on top 5 but using the same answer from her introduction… She didn’t show any diversity and depth in her knowledge…. Not a winner at all…. But still she made sense than the other girls…

    Well I truly feel sorry for the other girls who were clearly more deserving!

    Also, I am sure people can see in the video ( if they upload it without editing) how the girls were literally dragged on to the stage as they were running out of time… Also I heard when people went and talked to the CEO of the program to inform of the unfairness, the guy just ran away in the middle of thconversation… Shame on you Amit Shah!
    Also i heard the contestants complaining that there were guys who kept on entering the girls changing room asking them to leave as the building is closing… There were few girls who were half naked…. Totally disrespectful… After confirming with few other contestant they said it was true… Again… shame on you Miss Nepal USA!!!!

    Also, the program had started late last year as well and ended around 2 am… If they had learned from their previous experience, they should have started the program on time or at least find a hall that would allow them to open even pass the designated time with additional money provided..

    Also if you guys didn’t had time… You guys could have taken the UFO and peace walk away… And given the time for the contestant and it is about them not UFO or peace walk..,( I have to say peace walk was beautiful and different…so was UFO walk… But with not having time… That was something the program could have done without)

    Also, I heard the girls were asked to pay/ raise 1000 sponsorship fee for the program…. Few girls are international students as well… I am an international student and I understand how hard it is to get $1000 and also to take a week off to participate in the event…. If the girls are doing so much…. The organizers should have respected them by at least organizing the show more efficiently and giving them a full, fair platform….

    But clearly NOT…. Shame on you miss Nepal USA! You guys only think about making money and not about these girls who came there with a lot of hopes and dreams…also all after this, instead of writing an apology to the audience and the contestant… You guys advertise it a a successful event…. Shame on you!

    I will post the link of the video, once I find it… But I am 100percent sure they will do a major editing on the video… it will be too embarrassing to show the world….

    A message to the contestants… I know a lot of girls mentioned you were there to promote a better Nepal… I highly encourage you all to protest against this injustice and the organizers who were clearly unfair and money minded people… So that in future no one gets cheated off… In this way you can help you country and future Nepali contestant…good luck!

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