Asina Poudel – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 16

The contestant no. 16 Asina Poudel is a resident of Kathmandu. 21 years old Asina is 5’7″ tall. Being a member of a cross-cultural family Asina has been exposed to different situations.

Watch the video profile of Asina:

Asina likes singing, guitar playing and dancing. In sports, Asina likes playing basketball and football. In the talent round, Asina had sung a Tara Devi song ‘Ukali Orali…’

asina poudel

In future, she aims to be successful in whatever career she might takes. She is also interested in social works. About Miss Nepal, Asina believes that if possible, every girl should participate in the contest and benefit from the learning they get during the training.

Asina’s Facebook profile –
Asina’s Facebook page –

Some photos of Ashina:

asina poudel (1)

asina poudel (2)

asina poudel (3)

asina poudel (4)

asina poudel (5)

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