Archana Paneru to star in Raju Giri movie Glamour

The mother-daughter duo model from Mahendranagar, Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru are going to be featured in the upcoming movie of the director Raju Giri. According to reports, the movie titled ‘Glamour’ will feature Archana in leading role and her mother Sunita Paneru will also be featured in the mother’s role. Other artists in the movie are yet to be announced.

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The shooting of ‘Glamour’ is scheduled to start on March 5.

The director of ‘Bindaas’ sequel, Raju Giri, is known to direct sex-themed movies. Archana seems to be the right actress to be featured in Giri’s movie. Raju’s ‘Bindaas 3’ has recently been released.

raju giri with archana paneru and sunita paneru

Archana Paneru became popular when she released her photos without clothes in Facebook. The photos taken by her own mother, Sunita Paneru, were shot at her own house. The police had also arrested them for vulgarity in society. They were released after their promise to act decently. They however continue to shear indecent photos and videos in internet. Because of that, Archana has been banned from all major social networking sites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

When the locals of Vasi, Mahendranager chased them away and Archana and her mother had moved to Kathmandu. Archana’s second music video was released recently. Even the people who thought taking off clothes was not a big deal say that Arachana and her mother Sunita smoking cigarette together and sharing such photos was disgusting.

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