Archana Paneru smoking with her mother

No mother encourages her daughter to smoke cigarette except, of course, the mother of Archana Paneru. Archana’s mother Sunita Paneru proudly shared photos of herself smoking with her daughter. I totally agree with the comments of Pyar-Pyare in YouTube:

When the mother Sunita took photos of her daughter and shared in Facebook, I thought she was a modern mother. But now, I have changed my opinion about Archana’s mom. I think, she doesn’t love her daughter at all.

The reasons:

  • The mom Sunita, was only using the innocent daughter Archana to vent her inner desire to get naked in public. Sunita has proven this by sharing scantly clad photos of herself and also the recent photos in which  her daughter Archana is suckling.
  • Smoking is injurious to health. When a mother proudly shares photos of herself smoking with her daughter, there is something wrong in their relationship.

sunita paneru smoking cig with archana paneru

Some photos of Archana smoking:

archana paneru smoking1

archana paneru smoking2

archana paneru smoking3

sunita paneru and archana paneru smoking - mom and daughter

sunita paneru and archana paneru smoking

archana paneru smoking4

What do you think of a mother who smokes with a 17-years old daughter and shares photos of them? Please comment!

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