Archana Paneru outdoor photos in bikini, designs dress

The young girl who wanted to be an adult star, Archana Paneru, received a widespread coverage in a short period of time. As fast as she gained popularity, the talk and interest has waned in the online media. She has been banned from Facebook and YouTube and it seems, she is only active in Twitter. She isn’t that popular in Twitter either.

She had told that she was in a program in Dadeldhura. I searched for the event she participate in without success. She has shared some scantly-clad photos taken on her way to and back from Dadeldhura.

archana paneru hot shot

It seems, Archana wants to try new things. She has shared some dress-designs she has prepared. I have no idea on the artistic value of these drawing, I am sharing them for our readers to comment on.

archana paneru dress design2

archana paneru dress design3

archana paneru dress design1

archana paneru takes bath in a waterfall

archana paneru on car top

archana paneru takes bath outdoor

archana paneru in a river hot photo

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