Archana Paneru music video with mom Sunita Paneru (video)

As reported earlier, the controversial model Archana Paneru is featured in a music video titled ‘Aafna Kura Mathi …’ by Abiskar Movie maker. The music video made on the lyrics of Dr. Krishna Hari Baral features the voice of Sheetal Pandey. The music and arrangement is done by Hari Lamsal, camera by Rajendra Thapa, editing by Prem Sharma Poudel and the video is directed by Dilip Okheda. The debut music video of Archana also features her mother Sunita Paneru in a scene.

Watch our report on the shooting of the music video:

The movies in the music video are Archana Paneru and Mahesh.

Watch the full music video:

Video credit Highlights Nepal.

Archana Paneru made news when she shared her indecent photos in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The police had arrested the grade 10 girl from Mahendranagar. In the police station, Archana told that it was her mother who had taken those photos and her mother wanted to be a model and actress like Sunny Leone.

The mother-daughter team was all set to do an adult movie but, when the police interfered, they had to postponed their plan. Although they have signed a deal with the police not to repeat such thing, both the mother Sunita Paneru and the daughter Archana Paneru have told that they won’t give up their dreams.

It seems, Archana’s father is also helping them by buying the skimpy clothes for his daughter. Read and watch videos our report on Archana Paneru here.

archana paneru and sunita paneru in police station

Photo: The mother and daughter in the police station telling about their dream to make Archana a big star in adult film (inset).

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