Archana Paneru hot photo updates

The hot cake of the current time, Archana Paneru, has sent some outdoor photos. She had mostly shared indoor photos before. Now, she has gone outdoor. Although she is fully clothed in these photos and our earlier post also showed Archana in more decent poses, she says that she still want to go extreme.

archana paneru pink and yellow at her gate

In addition to sharing these photos she has also shared some photos without wearing the clothes.

In addition to promoting her daughter, her mother Sunita has also created a Facebook page. In the page, there is not much information or posts. She has written, she is a multi-talented personality with a lot of qualities like dancing, photography and modeling. It is clear that the mother is trying to make the daughter do everything she couldn’t do herself. It seems, the mother-daughter team will surely do something extra-ordinary.

Sunita’s Facebook page is relatively new and it only has 221 likes. Archana’s real page don’t have much friends and her original page has few likes. The page with more than 30K likes seem to be a fake page, not run by Archana or her mother. 

sunita paneru facebook page

Here are the photos of Archana taken out of her house. She has covered up in these photos.

archana paneru at her home

The following photo is of Archana with her mother, Sunita Paneru walking in the street.

archana paneru with her mother sunita paneru

archana paneru outdoor photos1

archana paneru teej saree pose

archana paneru outdoor photos2

archana paneru outdoor photos3

archana paneru in black one piece

Update – Archana Paneru in white mini-skirt:

archena paneru in in yellow and white

Please comment, which photo do you like the most?

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