Archana Paneru gets sober, in saree

After being arrested for posting in-decent photos in Facebook, Archana Panaru seem to have changed now. She has stopped sharing scantly clad photos and is sharing photos in saree these days. Although Archana and her mom Sunita still insist that she will follow the path of Sunny Leone, it is good to see her in more decent poses.

These photos are the proof that Archana doesn’t need to take them off to attract the attention of the viewers. She looks beautiful in clothes than without them.

archana paneru in pink lehenga

If you haven’t seen the video of Archana and her mother Sunita in the police station, here is the video:

In addition to sharing her photos, Archana had been sharing some home-made video of her dances. The dance videos are of low quality and unedited. By the way she dance, it is clear that she would need more than a little practice to hone her dancing skills.

Although the photos posted above look decent, in the dance videos she has worn skimpy clothes. An example photos in her dance home video is posted at the end of this post. Enjoy the photos and videos of Archana and comment on what do you think of the model who wants to be like Sunny Leone with the help of her mother.

Saree clad Archana Paneru:

archana paneru in gren saree

archana paneru in saree 2

archana in green saree 3

archana in white dress

archana paneru dance dress skirt

The dance video is attached :

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