Archana Paneru chased away from home? goes to Kathmandu

After being chased away from her home in Mahendranagar, Bhasi, the controversial model Archana Paneru has escaped to Kathmandu. After releasing vulgar photos, the local women of the area she live have gathered at her house to protest her indecent acts.

Video report:

According to reports, the women had gathered at 7 AM on December 13, 2015 and encircled the house till 10:30 AM. The locals had complained that the mother-daughter have given the bad name to the place. One of the protesters, Suman Devi Shah, said that being a resident of Bhasi has been difficult after Sunita and Archana started sharing their photos in internet. She also claims that the children in the area are also being harassed by their friends in school.

Archana’s father also told that he is saddened by his wife and daughter. The mother, Sunita Paneru, wasn’t apologetic and told that she would do anything to help her daughter achieve her dreams. The daughter Archana had told that she wanted to become a star like Sunny Leone.

The police had previously arrested both the mother and the daughter. They were released after promising to behave and not share their vulgar photos. Archana claims that she has kept her promise. She says that the photos that have surfaced in internet are shared by fake people. A day before she left her home, Archana had told that she made Rs. 85,000 by dirty talk.

Archana and Sunita haven’t told what their plan is. Will Archana return to her Bhasi home? We will keep you updated on these and more when we get more information.


Archana Paneru in Bhatbhateni Supermarket in Kathmandu.


archana goes to kathmandu

Archana and Sunita at police station, video report:

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