Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru became Christian, Sunita opens up

The mother-daughter who want to show off their bodies and act in adult movies have left their religion by birth, Hindu and adopted Christianity. Video report :

Paneru mother and daughter haven’t given the reason behind the move. One can assume that they have chosen the religion because the Western world is more open in sex-related matters. While it is a taboo to talk about sex in the countries like Nepal and India, it is not like that in the Western world.

YouTube and Facebook accounts disabled

The Facebook accounts of both the mother Sunita Paneru and the daughter Archana Paneru has been disabled because of their abuse of the platform. They were sharing vulgar photos and videos in their account and were encouraging the others to share similar photos.

Similarly a YouTube channel by Archana’s name was also deleted by YouTube. Archana had shared a number of her hot videos in the channel. All of the videos were given ‘mature content’ (only viewable to the registered members) before the channel was disabled.

archana paneru in saree

Now, Archana is seeking somebody to manage her YouTube channel. She says, “As you  know my youtube channel  is reported, I can’t upload my video.” She says that she will make the person who helps in uploading her video her boyfriend.

Sunita Paneru goes bold

In addition to changing the religion, the mother Paneru has also gone bolder in the photos she has shared in Twitter. Sunita, a mother of two kids (17 years old Arachana and 10+ years old Harish Paneru) looks young and hot in the bikini photos she has shared recently.

In an interview, Sunita had told that she had wanted to be a model in her youth. But, her family hadn’t supported her. Now, through her daughter she is pursuing her dreams. Along with her daughter, Sunita seem to be showcasing herself as a mature model.

sunita paneru in bra and panties1

sunita paneru in bra and panties2

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