Archana Paneru and dirty talk business

The young model of Mahendranagar, Archana Paneru, has been sharing vulgar photos of her for a while in social media. As she is banned in most of the media, she has taken refuge to Twitter these days. Recently she has found a new tool to make money – by dirty talk in mobile phone. According to Archana she managed to make Rs. 80,000 by talking in the phone. There is no way we can cross-check her claim.

archana paneru in panties

In a Twitter post, she is going to stop the ‘dirty talk’ as it was too boring. With the newly earned money she is planning to get a new phone. Here is the screenshot of the post:

archna paneru twitter message about dirty talk

It seems, Archana is testing a lot of new things everyday. In our previous post we talked about Archana’s dress design hobby. She has high hopes of acting in movies and music videos and he had also participated in an event in Dadeldhura. Before that, the mom, Sunita Paneru and Archana had converted themselves to Christian faith.

It is not only Archana but also her mother Sunita wants to start modeling and she was also featured in the first music video of Archana. We will keep you updated on the new stuffs about Archana in coming days. Till then, enjoy some of the hot new photos of Archana and the videos about Archana and her mom:

archana paneru bra indoor

archana paneru outdoor bikini

archana paneru short skirt

archna paneru checks her phone

archna paneru outdoor 2

archana paneru shows off outdoor

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