Anuska Gurung, a hot Nepali model

Anuska Gurung is a hot model and actress in music video. The owner of a perfectly shaped body is an attractive model who is comfortable opening up a little bit.

In the following photo, Anuska shows off her perfect body in a skin hugging dress:

anuska gurung (3)

Anuska is good at teasingly showing off and sensuous acting. She shows off a butterfly tattoo on her leg whenever she gets an opportunity. Here are some hot photos of Anuska Gurung:

Anuska in school dress:

anuska gurung (10)

anuska gurung (2)

Anuska in hot jeans shorts:

anuska gurung (8)

anuska gurung (1)

A sexy attire and red rose:

anuska gurung (5)

Hot and transparent split skirt (and of course a tattoo and the huge tree trunk):

anuska gurung (4)

anuska gurung (9)

Anuska shows her long and sexy legs in a mini skirt

anuska gurung (6)

anuska gurung (7)

Photo credit – Anuska Gurung

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