ANA Fashion Extravaganza controversy

Association of Nepalese in America (ANA) has been organizing fashion extravaganza since 2008. The fashion event popular among the young generation Nepali population has bee dragged into controversy this year. The 2014 edition of the fashion event is scheduled to be held in July 5, 2014 in Virginia. 


The winners of ANA Fashion Extravaganza 2013 have complained that the organizers have failed to fulfill their duties as agreed. The winner of last year’s title, Mr. ANA, California resident Sugam Shrestha is not happy about the contest. He had gone to New York to participate in the contest on his own cost and won the title, but he was sent back without any pay.

Actress Karishma Manandhar daughter Kabita Manandhar had also participated in last year’s competition. Although she didn’t win any titles, she was featured in a music video in direction of one of the judges of ANA Fashion, and Miss ANA 2012, Sushma Bogati.

The organizers had promised Sugam roles in music video but, they haven’t fulfilled last year’s promise. Miss ANA 2013, Smriti Shrestha has also told that she also haven’t got the opportunity as promised.

The organizers also admits that they haven’t been able to produce the music video as promised because of various reasons including the financial constraints.

History of ANA Fashion Extravaganza is available here.

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