Alisha Karki Mitchell – Miss Nepal USA finalist 2013

Miss Nepal US(A) 2013 participant Alisha Karki Mitchell hails from Hillsboro, OR. 18-years-old Alisha describes herself as a honest, enthusiastic and ambitious person. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds.

Alisha Mitchell

Alisha like sports and has an artistic inclination at the same time. Alisha’s hobby includes dancing, tennis, cooking, basketball and painting.

Alisha wanted to participate in beauty pageant since she was a little kid. She believes such pageants provide a platform to voice her opinion and make her confident and strong individual.

In an event Alisha is selected to win the title, she wants to speak about equality between men and women.

I believe it is necessary for us women to be treated equally as men and to be provided with equal job opportunities. We live in a male dominated society, especially in third world countries male are always the head of the family and women’s duty is to serve her husband and become a housewife; if a women dares to become an entrepreneur or a politician, she is looked down upon. Women around the world have come so far and have fought fearlessly for their rights, therefore in this 21 century there shouldn’t be segregation between men and women either it be job opportunities or just voicing our opinion, we all should be treated equally.

More information about her can be obtained in Alisha’s Facebook profile.

Alisha’s photos:

Alisha Karki Mitchell

Alisha Karki Mitchell photo

Photo credit – Alisha

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