About Us

Badmasi.com (previously known as HawaModel.com) is a dedicated site on modelling in Nepal. We share news and information about the entertainment sector.

We share the information of models, modelling contests and beauty contests. The models featured in Badmasi.com might represent various modelling agencies and websites. We try our best to share the link to the original appearance of the models so that one can contact them if they desire. But, we can’t guarantee that the links to be working all the time. We do remove/edit non-working links from time to time.

We do all we can to protect copyright of the photos and information about the models. As a reference, we might publish a low-resolution, photo of the model, with the link to the original source. We consider this a fair-use of the information for non-commercial purpose. The copyright owners will however have rights to ask us to remove such references in this website.

The model profile is targeted to the modeling agencies and individuals who want to contact the model for their projects. Links to the sites to contact to get the further information are also posted along with the model profile.

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