A novel ‘Smita’ based on model Smita Thapa

The model who raised in popularity for her hot photos in print magazines and online magazines, Smita Thapa, has been an inspiration for a writer. Writer Rajendra Thapa wrote the 150 page long novel in 40 days.

smita thapa -hot

In an interview to a weekly magazine ‘Saptahik’ she had told that she longed for a man rather than a husband. In the interview Smita Thapa told that she uses men as toys and only for her sexual needs.  She talked about her decade long sex life in the influence of whiskey.

The statement was an inspiration for the writer Rajendra to write a novel on sex and glamour. After the approval from Smita, the novel is all set to be titled ‘Smita’.

novel based on Smita

The interview was a much talked about topic at that time. Although she had denied that she was a call girl, some even called the interview an advertisement of her ‘business’. (The interview is available in Moviesnepal.com and the issue was also discussed in xnepali)

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