A fan grabbed and tongue kissed me – Parbati Rai, dancer and model

A well known dancer Parbati Rai started dancing professionally after her participation in a dance reality show, ‘Chamchami’ in 2010/11. After that, she has been pretty busy dancing and acting.

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Parbati Rai talks about her fans

There are different types of my fans. Most of the fans have positive attitude towards me. The love and help from my fans gives me the strength and motivation to continue working in the entertainment sector. The only platform for Parbati to meet her fans are stage shows. She gets the opportunity to meet and talk to her fans in such public events. Some fans appreciate her beauty and others appreciate her dancing skills.

During her visit of Rukum with Rajesh Hamal, a little girl told Parbati that she wanted to be like her in future. That was not all, her parents also met her and told that they want to make their little girl like Parbati.

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In her visit to Khotang for a stage show a lot of fans lined up for autograph. It took so long that she was signing autograph even after sunset. All of a sudden a fan grabbed her and tongue-kissed. Parbati was shocked and didn’t know what to do. She was very angry and was surprised when she realized that the fan was a girl. She was surprised a girl could kiss another girl like that.

A lot of fans propose to kiss Parbati. She however refuses such proposals smilingly.

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Parbati has visited a lot of countries for stage shows. She has danced in stages at Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries. She has met a lot of fans in the countries. In Korea, she met a fan who was a long time fan of Parbati. He was a fan since she danced in the reality show ‘Chamchami’. The fan also gifted her a packet – she found out later that it was a Samsung H3 mobile phone. She still uses the phone. The fan had also gifted her a red t-shirt with ‘I Love You Parbati’ written in the inside. Although Parbati couldn’t accept his proposal, she still considers him her a great fan.

Parbati doesn’t use Facebook much, but, she knows there are a lot of her fans in the social media site. She has also set aside one hour everyday to read her fans’ message.

In a heard of a lot of fans, there are some fans who want to use her. They also propose for a sexual relationship. I removes the ones making such proposals from her friend list.

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