7 Red Hot Miss Nepal 1994 to 2013 (photos)

I am sharing photos of the seven Miss Nepal during the launch of a phone in Kathmandu. I had shared the details of the event earlier. This post is to talk about individual Miss Nepal in the event.

The current Miss Nepal Subin Limbu wasn’t one of the seven beauties featured in the event. The latest Miss Nepal, Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha was wearing the hottest dress among them. A skirt in the front and the long gown on the back showed her long legs. In addition to the legs, she has also shown some skin on her chest.

red hot miss nepal (7)

red hot miss nepal 7 miss nepal  (9)

The next hottest Miss Nepal was the next one in the line, Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha. The tall and elegant beauty looked gorgeous in low-cut gown, as usual.

red hot miss nepal (5)

And, here are two of them ….

red hot miss nepal 7 miss nepal  (11)

One more photo of Shristi Shrestha before talking about other Miss Nepals.

red hot miss nepal 7 miss nepal  (5)

Next in line is Malina Joshi, Miss Nepal 2011. Actress and model Malina looks gorgeous as usual:

red hot miss nepal (8)

No other Miss Nepal of the late 2000s were present in the ceremony. Miss Nepal 2003, Priti Sitaula is the next Miss Nepal is 5-months pregnant. Despite of the big belly, Priti looks awesome in the orange gown.

red hot miss nepal (4)

Next Miss Nepal is Malvika Subba, the Miss Nepal 2002.

red hot miss nepal (2)

An, Usha Khadgi the Miss Nepal 2000:

red hot miss nepal (9)

And  Ruby Rana the Miss Nepal of the year 1994 still looks awesome:

red hot miss nepal 7 miss nepal  (6)

And, the final group photo:

red hot miss nepal 7 miss nepal  (12)

UPDATE:The following photo is from a Aug 31, 2012 @ 19:11 post (added here do delete the original post):

Former Miss Nepal Shweta Singh, Jharana Bajracharya, Nilima Gurung and Malvika Subba during their meeting at the Miss Nepal 2012 pageant.

Miss Nepal, Shweta Singh, Jharana Bajracharya_Neelima Gurung and Malvika Subba at the Miss Nepal 2012 pageant.

Malvika Subba was Miss Nepal 2002

Shweta Singh was Miss Nepal 1999

Nilima Gurung was Miss Nepal 1997

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