4 hottest models and actress of 2072

Happy New year to all Badmasi.com readers. On the occasion of the new year, let’s look at the actresses and models who preferred to take off their clothes for popularity. The top actress/model in the list is Archana Paneru. The next top is Tirsana Budhathoki with Jyoti Magar and Suvekshya Thapa following them.

A video report on the four models/actresses and what they did last year:

Archana Paneru was arrested for more than once last year. She was accused of promoting vulgarity and the last time she was arrested for shooting a movie without obtaining the permit.

Model Tirsana Budhathoki shares provocative photos online.

Although Jyoti Magar is a singer. She is more popular and controversial for the vulgar dances and stage shows.

Suvekshya – a mother of a daughter in her late teens, she likes to take off her clothes whenever possible. She was dragged into controversy when she used holy cloth – khada to cover her body.

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