Jism film name changed to Archana after actress Archana Paneru

Although the movie is yet to be cleared for shooting, the debut movie of controversial model Archana Paneru is changed to ‘Archana’ instead of it’s previous name ‘Jism’. The director of the movie, Raju Giri told about the change in a press meet organized in Kathmandu on March 30, 2016.

Video report:

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Archana Paneru and Jisma crew arrested and released

The police in Pokhara arrested Archana Paneru and the whole crew of her debut movie ‘Jism’. The movie directed by Raju Giri was being shot in various locations in Pokhara.

Watch the following video to know what had happened:

While in Pokhara Archana and her mother Sunita Paneru seemed to be having a lot of fun, until they were arrested. They had shared photos of drinking beer and smoking hukka and posing with various personalities. One of the directors Sunita and Archana posed with was Shovit Basnet.

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Alisha Rai is Miss Rai 2016

In an event held at Rastriya Naachghar, Kathmandu, on Chaitra 4 (March 17), Miss Rai 2016 was announced. Alisha Rai from Khotang was chosen Miss Rai 2016 from a pool of 14 contestants. After winning the title, Alisha was awarded iPhone 6 and the crown in the ceremony.

miss rai 2016 winner

The first runner up of the contest was Sita Rai and the second runner up was Nishma Rai. Kabita Rai was also awarded the third runner up title in the ceremony.

miss rai 2016 winners

The full list of title winners are:

  • Alisha Rai – Miss Rai 2016, Miss Discipline
  • Sita Rai – First Runner up – Miss Rai 2016, Miss Talent
  • Nishma Rai – Second runner up – Miss Rai 2016, Miss Personality
  • Kabita Rai – Third runner up – Miss Rai 2016, Miss Culture
  • Sarita Chamling Rai – Miss Best Dress
  • Ambika Bambule Rai – Miss Popularity
  • Mira Dumi Rai – Miss Best Hari
  • Rojina Rai – Miss Photogenic
  • Manila Rai – Miss Best Smile
  • Nisha Rai – Miss Leadership
  • Sandhya Rai – Miss Friendship
  • Niruta Rai – Miss Punctuality
  • Sirjana Rai – Miss Vigor
  • Santoshi Rai – Miss

Minister Sherdhan Rai was the chief guest of the event. The judges of the contest were Shantiram Rai, Dilip Rai, Sarita Rai, Dewan Rai and Niranjan Thapa.

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Miss Nepal 1998 controversy, and Newar Miss Nepal (History of Miss Nepal)

The contestant number 9, Jyoti Pradhan was crowned Miss Nepal 1998. But, Jyoti was stripped off of her crowned when she didn’t return back home after participating in an international contest.

niru shrestha miss Nepal 1998 -1

The official Miss Nepal 1998 is the contestant number 4, Niru Shrestha. Niru was originally the first runner up. There is no official first runner up. The second runner up is Sreejana KC. Prabha Amatya and Kristi Shrestha were the third and the fourth runner ups respectively.

miss nepal 1998 jyoti shrestha (dethroned)

Niru Shrestha later pursued career as a pilot. Niru is the only Miss Nepal in that field. Until 1998, no official Miss Nepal was of Newar ethnicity (when Miss Nepal World 1997 is not considered Miss Nepal).

Newar Miss Nepal

The year 1998 marks the start of the crowning of Miss Nepal of Newar ethnicity. It was not only the dethroned Miss Nepal, Jyoti Pradhan was Newar, the Miss Nepal 1998 Niru Shrestha, is also a Newar. After that, more than half of all the Miss Nepal were of Newar ethnicity. The following two lists compare the Miss Nepal of Newar ethnicity.

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Miss Nepal 1995 – History of Miss Nepal, contestant profiles

There were 22 contestants in Miss Nepal 1995 contest. Here is the profile of the contestants of Miss Nepal 1995:

Swimsuit photo of the Miss Nepal 1995, Sumi Khadka with foreign beauties. One of them, on the right, seems to be Miss USA 1995.

miss nepal 1995 sumi khadka in international contest

The title winners of Miss Nepal 1995 were:

  • The winner was Sumi Khadka
  • First runner up was Rita Gurung
  • Second runner up was Trishna Thapa
  • Third runner up was Kalpana Kunwar
  • Fourth runner up was Elena Ranjit

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Neelima Gurung, Biography of Miss Nepal 1997 (video)

Miss Nepal 1997, Neelima Gurung had also won the Miss Personality title in Miss Nepal 1997 beauty pageant. The Miss Pokhara 1996, Neelima, was the first participant from Pokhara to win the competition. Biography video of Neelima Gurung:

Neelima featured Gurung costume in the international beauty contest she participated (see photo).

neelima gurung miss nepal 1997

At the time of crowning, Neelima was 19 years old and 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

neelima gurung childhood photo, miss nepal 1997

Three stages of Neelima Gurung’s life – Childhood, Miss Nepal crowned and a recent photo.

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Miss Nepal 2016, 19 contestants

UPDATE: The video has arrived – The full list of the contestants of Miss Nepal 2016.

Here is the full list of the contestants of Miss Nepal 2016. Videos of the individual contestants is being prepared. The profile of the contestant number 1, Aasma KC is complete.

The videos of other contestants will be prepared in coming days, stay tuned.

miss nepal contestants 19 all

The names of the contestants, age and the height (based on a report in ‘Saptahik’ magazine:

1. Aasma KC – 21 – 5’6″
2. Kritima Rimal – N/A – 5’4″
3. Saium Katuwal – 21 – 5’4″
4. Sachina Shrestha – 20 – 5’4″
5. Jubi Joshi – 21 – 5’6″
6. Aayushma Shrestha – 20 – 5’5″
7. Roshani Khatri – 20 – 5’8″
8. Soniya Sharma – 22 – 5’6″
9. Anusha KC – 23 – 5’9″
10. Kusum Thapa Magar – 19 – 5’6″
11. Asmi Shrestha – 22 – 5’7″
12. Karuna Khadka – 20 – 5’5″
13. Anita Karki – 21 – 5’5″
14. Barsha Lekhi – 22 – 5’6″
15. Sandipa Limbu – N/A – 5’8″
16. Shrijana Regmi – 23 – 5’5″
17. Prathiva Dawadi – N/A – 5’5″
18. Namrata Shrestha – 19 – 5’4″
19. Prerana Adhikari – 19 – 5’4″

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Khusbu Oli engaged with a UK NRN, Santosh Karki

Model and Miss Teen 2006, Khusbu Oli has engaged with a UK NRN, Santosh Karki in an event held at Yak and Yeti Hotel in Kathmandu on March 11, 2016. In the engagement ceremony the prime minister KP Sharma Oli was also one of the guests. A video report on the engagement news:

Model Khusbu Oli is known for her relationship with don Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’. She had accused the government of killing him unlawfully and had promised to fight for him. But, when the investigation on the sources of her properties started, she secretly left the country and started living in the UK.

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Archana Paneru bikini photos

The controversial model Archana Paneru is featured in a few music videos and is going to debut as an actress in near future. Archana is currently busy in the preparation of her role as an actress in the movie by director Raju Giri. The director Raju Giri is known to create controversy with every actress he worked with.

It’s too bad she has started by accusing producers and directors in the movie industry:

Some of the controversies of Raju Giri:

  • Raju Giri also had problem with the actress Sashi Khadka during the making of ‘Chandrawati’. (Watch ‘Chandrawati’ here)
  • Raju Giri hadproblem with the actress Poojana Pradhan during the shooting and release of Nepali movie ‘Rakshya’. (Watch ‘Rakshya’ here)
  • The controversial poster of ‘Bindaas’ featuring actress Sushma Karki was also the cause of problem with the actress (Watch ‘Bindaas’ here)
  • During the sequel ‘Bindaas 2’ Sushma was ok but another actress Anisha Gurung wasn’t happy by the poster featuring Anisha without clothes. (Watch ‘Bindaas 2’ here)

I hope Archana will have no problem with the director. Let me share hot photos of Archana Paneru in bikini.

archana paneru in bikini1

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