Tirshna Budhathoki says Archana Paneru is a child

In Dashain model Tirshna Budhathoki had done a photo session as Goddess Durga. In Tihar, she has become Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. There have been rumors that Tirsana Budhathoki might have felt the heat of competitions created by other models like Archana Paneru and Kajal Khanal. Archana and Kajal have readily taken off their clothes recently.

When asked about the similarity between Archana Paneru and Tirsana, she says, “Archana Paneru and Tirsana Budhathoki are two very different models.”

Archana added,” Archana Paneru is a child. She is doing what her mother has told her to do. In contrast, Tirsana has only done photo-shots. She has done good music videos.”

A video report:

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