Miss Earth India Aaital Khosla apologizes, Dibyata Vaidya supports

The Miss Earth India, 2015 Aaital Khosla had faced widespread criticism when she plagiarized the scenes from Nepal to claim them to be from India. The video shared by the official Miss Earth channel was removed within hours after protest.

Video report on the incident:

Aaital has redone the video by replacing the parts showing Nepal with that of India and has released a new video now for the video competition in Miss Earth completion.

In a message Aaital has written:

Dear Nepal,

I am sorry if I have inadvertently hurt your sentiments by showing parts of your land in my video. It was an unintentional mistake, which I known has caused your people anguish. I deeply regret the same. You are a dear neighbour and will remain so. I seek your forgiveness and I am sure you will be magnanimous in accepting my apology. Regards, Aaital.

aaital khosla

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Miss Globe International Nepal 2015 to be held on November 28

The 2015 edition of Miss Globe International Nepal is going to be held in November 12, 2015. The contestants are being trained in Hotel Rani Mahal, Baneshowr. The contestants are trained in various aspects of personality development, mass facing, grooming, fashion photography, dance, makeup, and leadership.

Video slideshow of the contestants:

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Jenita Basnet, swimsuit photos in Miss Grand International 2015

The Miss Grand Nepal 2015, Jenita Basnet, had participated in the Miss Grand International 2015 held in Bangkok, Thailand. She however wasn’t successful in winning any titles.


jenita basnet in miss grand international 2015 8

The 27 years old model, Jenita is 167 cm tall and weighs 50 kg in weight. She has figure of 34-25.5-35 and is a masters in Food and Nutrition. Jenita says that she is, “a simple person with great aspirations. I am adventurous and kind hearted.”

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Hot music video of Jyoti Magar, Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi, released

A new music video featuring model Jyoti Magar in hot appearance is released online. The song titled, ‘Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi Parchan…’  features Jyoti in hot avatar. Jyoti is featured with music video director Shiva BK. The song features the voices of Jyoti Magar and Tanka Timilsina.

jyoti magar music video

The music video is a presentation of Rakshya Music features the music of Bhadra Oli, lyrics of Naresh Rai and directed by Shiva BK. The cinematographer of the music video is Shambhu Balise, editing by Rabin BK, and produced by Shiva 4S Media.

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Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru became Christian, Sunita opens up

The mother-daughter who want to show off their bodies and act in adult movies have left their religion by birth, Hindu and adopted Christianity. Video report :

Paneru mother and daughter haven’t given the reason behind the move. One can assume that they have chosen the religion because the Western world is more open in sex-related matters. While it is a taboo to talk about sex in the countries like Nepal and India, it is not like that in the Western world.

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Rajani Thapa becomes 4th in Mrs. Top of the World 2015

In the Mrs. Top of the World 2015, held in Turkey from November 13 to November 18,  Nepal representative contestant Rajani Thapa was awarded the 4th runner up title. In addition to the title, Rajani also won the Mrs. Diamond Top Of The world award.

mrs nepal rajani thapa

Rajani was the winner of the second Mrs. Nepal beauty contest organized by E Planet. With the recent success, Rajani has participated in four different international beauty contests and won at least one title in all of them. In the past Rajani has participated in Mrs. Global 2013. She was awarded Mrs. Philanthropy award. In the Mrs. Universe 2014 contest she won Beautiful Lady award. In Mrs. Global 2014, Rajani had won Leader of the Year award.

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Tirsana Budhathoki complains against fake news to the police

Accusing the online media of publishing fake interviews actress and model Tirsana Budhathoki has gone to the police. In a report lodged against some media, Tirsana has accused them writing vulgar things about her.

Video report:

Tirsana has shared a photo of a letter to the Crime Prevention division of the Nepal Police, Kathmandu titled “To find and arrest the person.” She has accused online sites like Khabar Time and Dainik Nepal publishing news and interviews adding vulgar words in them without her knowledge.

As Tirsana has numerous fake accounts in Facebook and there is no easy way to identify the real Facebook account of her. There is no way we could confirm the letter being authentic as Tirshna’s Facebook account is not verified and she is known to have used various Facebook accounts in the past. Some of her accounts were also banned when she shared vulgar photos.

tirsana budhathoki complaints

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Tirsana Budhathoki goes gym, questions hypocrisy

Model Tirsana Budhathoki had been using controversy to get popular. She has used controversial statements and photos. She had some fans in the beginning and she took the cue of her fans – to show off her body and being a tease. But, these days, things have changed. There are a lot of other models who are competing with Tirsana in that avenue. That might be the reason Tirsana tried to become normal by posing as a goddess during Dashain and Tihar festival. Those pictures however weren’t as popular as her tease-shots. (video report is not available anymore)

Now, Tirsana has returned back to her old self. She has started modeling in skimpy clothes and tease shots. In a Facebook post, Tirsana has accused some media of publishing fake interviews. She has threatened to take legal action against them.

tirsana budhathoki question

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Nagma Shrestha celebrated birthday on November 15

It’s Tithi birthday – not an actual birthday by date but a birthday according to the traditional Nepali calendar. On that day the birthday is celebrated in traditional way.

Nagma has shared some photos of the celebration.

nagma shrestha birthday 2015

Usually, there is no birthday cake on the Tithi’s birthday. But, Nagma had birthday cakes and the triational birthday celebration.

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Sunita Paneru, mom of Archana Paneru on her daughter’s path

The mother of a grade 10 student Archana Paneru, Sunita Paneru had taken the objectionable photos of her daughter and shared in internet. They were arrested for the crime but were released when they promised not to repeat the office. But, within a month of release from the police, they have started sharing such photos again in Facebook and Twitter.

What is more interesting is that the mother herself has started to pose for the photos. It seems, she is very interested to be popular by the way her daughter has become well known. Sunita has recently uploaded hot photos of herself in her night gown. She has shown the sign of following her daughter’s path. Video report:

In an audio released by her daughter, Sunita’s husband (Archana’s father) Bhoj Raj Paneru is not happy by the way his wife and daughter were exposing themselves. He can be heard talking foul language and accusing the mother and daughter to be whores and call girls. In response, both Archana and Sunita had asked for divorce. They say that they want to be free from the guy and do whatever they like doing.

sunita paneru in bikini yellow

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