Shalu Gautam, hot belly dancer, model and singer

Model and music video artist Shalu Gautam is one of the hottest models of the current time. In addition to modeling she has also recorded a song in her voice.

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The belly dancer and trainer who lives in Portugal is struggling to establish herself as a hot model and actress in Nepali entertainment industry. Like other models, Shalu has also posed in hot photo sessions to attract young Nepali audience. Apart from being a dancer and model Shalu has also tried her luck in singing. Because of high demand as a belly dancer, Shalu has danced in various stage shows all over Nepal and abroad.

Talking about her body Shalu says, “I love my soul, my style and of course my figure.” She adds, “I really don’t care (about) what people talks behind me.” She says, her work and her family is all that matter to her. She feels lucky to have a very supportive and understanding family. She adds, “I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the entire world.”

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