Miss Nepal 2014 contestants go offline in Closed Camp for the finale

On the day 39, the contestants of Miss Nepal 2014 went offline as they approach the grand finale. In the closed camp being held in Hotel Radisson phone, internet and personal visits are off-limits.

Before heading to the Closed Camp, one of the contestants, Sonie Rajbhandari said, “As I pack my bags and embrace the adventures that lie ahead of me, I cannot help but thank each and everyone of you who has stood strong beside me in this journey.”

sonie rajbhandari before closed camp miss nepal 2014

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Rekha Thapa, Hawa Model of the month April

Actress Rekha Thapa is known more for her acting skills and the controversies she goes through. She has also done some modeling so, we can safely call her a model.

rekha thapa

Photo – A latest (April, 2014) modeling photo of Rekha by Sanjay Rauniyar

More details on Rekha can be obtained from RekhaThapa.net. xNepali has a big list of news and movies of Rekha Thapa. Nepaliactress.com also a collection of news and photos of the actress.

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Miss Nepal contestants wore swimming suits

We don’t have any swimsuit rounds in Miss Nepal beauty contest. Even without swimsuit rounds, our feminist groups create enough problems to going as far as canceling one of the contests. So, we don’t expect swimsuit round to be introduced in the beauty contest. But this time, the contestants wore swimming suits – to participated in a swimming training session.

miss nepal contestant swimming training (3)

The swimming training session was held at Jasmine Fitness and Spa, UWTC, Tripureswor to help the contestants learn how to swim. The contestants didn’t pose in their swimsuits and all the photos of the contestant available show only the faces.

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Pawankali, Mampi Ghosh cat walked in New York

The popular TV host, Mampi Ghosh established herself as a village girl called Pawankali in the television talk show, ‘Pawankali’. After relocating herself to the USA, the Pawankali is no longer seen in the television. She however does occasional fashion catwalk in the USA.

pawankali fashion - mampi ghosh fashion

A student of Law in the USA, Mampi says, “I am always headed towards my goal, whether I am in Nepal or a foreign country.”

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