Model Khusbu Oli and Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ relationship

UPDATE (August 6, 2014) – Khusbu admitted her relationship with Chari after he was killed by the police in a so-called encounter. A more detailed account of Dinesh Adhikari is posted here.

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There was a media report that ex-Miss Teen and model Khusbu Oli had visited Singapore and Goa with a gangster popularly known as Chari – Dinesh Adhikari. But, Khusbu has said that the report is not true. She told, the rumor was spread to defame her. Khusbu also challenge the reporters to check her passport for such visas.

khusbu Oli and dinesh adhikari chari

Model Khusbu is actively participating in social work by establishing a children rehabilitation center at Bishalnagar. She accused the so-called friend of ‘Chari’ – Arpan Koirala for spreading the rumor. Khusbu told, ‘Arpan is my friend. I had helped him to get out of his drug addiction.” But, she also added, she had refused him as a boyfriend. That was the reason he wanted to defame her.

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Babi Rosa Dhakal talks sex with Jayan

In an interview with Jayan Subba Manandhar, model and actress Babi Rosa Dhakal talked openly about her sexual preferences and past. Babi was in leading role in the movie ‘The Last Kiss‘.

babi rosa dhakal cigrette

In Jayan’s question about blue films, Babi told that she has see such Nepali video clips.

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