Government and Media should support us – Subeksha Khadka

miss_Nepal_2012_announce_2013_fantaIn the press conference to announce the Miss Nepal 2013 beauty contest and share the experiences of the last year’s winners in the International Pageants they represent Nepal, one of the beauties, Subeksha Khadka shared some of the creative suggestions. The summary of her experience is (in her own words):

"After being crowned as a new Miss Nepal International 2012, I was definitely very happy and the first thing that crossed my mind was indeed the International pageant where I was suppose to go to Japan.

All we think after being crowned is doing our best in representing our country in the best way possible.

Going to a different place where you have never been to and carrying your country’s fame along with you is a very difficult task. This needs a lot of support , proper guidance and of course economic help as well.

What I have realized after my venture to Miss International is, we are no less than the beauty queens from the other lands. We have equal capacity and confidence in representing ourselves , our country and of course bagging the crown. But, there are also a lot of things we lack in:

  • lack of training
  • lack of government support
  • lack of media support
  • lack of economic support

As we girls go there with our National flag, high level people representing the government should be well aware of the fact that we are there not just for ourselves but, to make an effort to represent our country in a world-wide arena. We lack in the high level coordination.

Media support is a must in international contest. Being updated and letting the whole country know how much we’ve worked to reach there is very important. Public should also know how hard we’ve been working to give our best.

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Fanta The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2013, application open

The application for Fanta The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2013 is open and the deadline for the submission of the application is January 31, 2013. The event was announced in a program held in Malla Hotel, Kathmandu on December 21, 2012.


This year, in addition to Hidden Treasure, Bottlers Nepal is also co-sponsoring the beauty contest to promote it’s soft drink, Fanta. The new Miss Nepal will also be appointed the brand ambassador of the soft drink company.

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