Nagma Shrestha, a thankful beauty

Miss Earth Nepal Nagma Shrestha did a great job to introduce Nepal in the international arena by being one of the most successful Nepali beauties in an international beauty pageant so far. Being successful is one thing and being thankful is another. When both of them go together, you get a ‘truly beautiful’ being. After reading her ‘thank you’ note in Facebook, it is clear that her inner self is as tall as her body (she is really tall!)


Here is a part of her thank you note:

Nepal, for me is a “country of HOPE”. Hope of all the people, all Nepalese for a better n brighter Nepal pushes us to do something for our country to make her stand tall n firm like Mt. Everest!. Opportunities r everywhere .. u just need to grab it. for me Miss Nepal was an opportunity. Being crowned as Miss Earth Nepal was yet another opportunity to do something for Nepal. Its almost 6 months since my coronation. yes, 6 months… a long time indeed n the most memorable 1 too!!

The note continues with thanking God for giving the opportunity. She thanked her trainers, stylists, dress designers like Sakil Kunwar, Bipen Mickey Gurung, Bishwo Gautam, Subexya Bhadel, Ashritaa Bhadel, Tenzin Tseten Bhutia , Dija Shrestha, Sayal Shrestha. She also thanked her sponsors, family members and friends for their support during the beauty contest the motivations.

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