Call for four beauty contests at the same time

eplanet_beauty_contestEventplanet Inc. has decided to organize all four of it’s  beauty contest at the same time and called application from eligible participants. If you fall between the age of 7 years-old and 56 years-old female (impressive 49 years range) you might get a chance to participate in one of the contests.

The beauty contests include:

  • Miss Teen (13 years – 19 years olds)
  • Miss International (unmarried 19 to 28 years old)
  • Mrs. Nepal (for married women between 21 to 56 years)
  • Little Miss Nepal (7 to 13 years)

Audition dates are on Mangsir 24,28 and 30 (9, 13 and 15 December, 2012)

The organizers have told that the nine of the winners will be sent to one of the number of international beauty contests. The winner of Mrs. Nepal will participate in Mrs. International,  the winner of Miss Teen will participate in Miss Teen International and the Miss International Nepal will participate in Miss International beauty contest to be held in the UA.

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