Sunita Dangol’s Dashain plans

Dashain is a very busy time for this year’s Miss Newa 2011, Sunita Dangol. Sunita spend time in worshiping gods, various parties and meeting with relatives. Sunita loves flying kites but, she hasn’t found free time to enjoy the sport.


Sunita also plays cards during Dashain and she also meets her school friends to celebrate together. In this Dashain, Sunita Dangol will be visiting Kavrepalanchowk to distribute uniforms to school kids.

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Chimi Shrepa’s Dashain plans

Dashain celebration in Chimi Sherpa’s home don’t involve tika. But, she celebrates every festival and she does celebrate the festival by doing a lot of fun stuffs. In Dashain, Chimi meets her friends, relatives and have fun.


During Dashain, Chimi visits restaurants and have variety of foods like pizza, butter chicken and other foods. She also does a lot of shopping during the festival.

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Eshee Awai’s Dashain plans

This year’s Miss Kirat, Eshee Awai has plans to celebrate Dashain in Kathmandu. To celebrate Dashain Eshee’s relatives come to Kathmandu and they have a big celebration plan in her home. Eshee’s family and relatives also organize a lot of get-togethers.

Eshee Awai_miss_kirat_2012_photo

Eshee says that she doesn’t know how to fly kites but she is Dashain swing crazy. She has plans to go to Tokha to play the swing made there for Dashain.

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Grishma Basnet’s Dashain Plans

The winner of Miss Ecollege beauty contest, Miss Ecollege 2012, Grishma Basnet, enjoys the Dashain swing a lot. She doesn’t like flying kite but swinging in the special swings made for the festival is the best thing she looks forward to every year.


For Grishma, Dashain is a very good excuse for doing a lot of shopping. He favorite boutique for shopping Kurta Suruwal is ANA Boutique in New Road, Kathmandu.

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Sapana Roka Magar’s Dashain Plans

This year’s Miss Mangol 2012, Sapan Roka Magar, is not going to her birthplace this year. Sapana is going to celebrate Dashain in Kathmandu and her mother is also coming to Kathmandu for the festival. Sapana’s brothers and sisters have big plans for Dashain celebration in kathmandu.


Sapana is very excited to celebrate the festival in new clothes and has ordered Chudidar Kurta Suruwal for the festival.

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Nilima Maden Limbu’s Dashain plans

The Miss Limbu 2012, Nilima Maden, has plans to celebrate Dashain with her family members. Nilima is currently in her birthplace in Taplejung to celebrate the festival. She goes to her relatives for the auspicious Dashain Tika.


Nilima doesn’t fly kites but she enjoys cards in the festival. She prefers card game for fun and not for earning money. In overall Nilima is planning to eat a lot of good food, partying and dancing and meeting the relatives.

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Neelam Chand’s Dashain plans

Talking about the biggest festival in Nepal, Dashain, the Miss Global International Nepal 2012 Neelam Chand told that she likes playing cards during the festival. Neelam told that she enjoys cards more than the typical kites and swings, popular during the festival.


This year, Neelam can’t wear the auspicious ‘tika’ in home because of the death of her relative. Neelam is a vegetarian and enjoys foods like Sel roti and paneer curry.

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Halloween at Voodoo Bhoot Ghar 2 and Trendsetters videos

Last year, Vootoo Entertainment started scaring people in it’s home by organizing a ‘Bhoot Ghar’ event at Tantra and the trend continues this year by the Voodoo Ghar 2 to celebrate the scary Halloween.

The organizers promise a “real horror house with real and live actors” and challenge people to step inside the Voodoo ”Bhoot” Ghar on October 31 and November 2, 2012. The DJ of the evening is DJ BPM and the venue is The Factory, Thamel, Kathmandu. The party starts at 6 PM.


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