Malvika Subba and Riyaj Shrestha

It has been six months since model Malvika Subba married Riyaj Shrestha. Although it is no anniversary, Malvika choose to remember the event and appreciate Riyaj’s support and love.

Malvika said:

…..6 months seems to fly by like a blink of an eye. We are friends first and that’s what makes this relationship special. I have his full support in whatever i do, and i feel i can achieve anything with him by my side. 🙂

She also posted a photo of the beautiful couple after the Dharan Show at Nirvana.


HawaModel congratulates the love and affection between the two and wish them a lovely married life, forever!

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Dance parties and beauty contests, new trends in Pokhara

Every now-and-then dance parties of different calibers are organized in Pokhara. Similarly, beauty contests are also organized very frequently. It seems, Pokhara is trying to be the entertainment center in Nepal.

Because of the natural beauties and tourist centered business, Pokhara has always been a glamorous place. With these new trends Pokhara has become more lively.


These days dance parties organized in swimming pools are more popular among young generation teens and tweens. Umesh Pun took the following photo in a recent dance party in Bulls Man in which, the life guards are rescuing an unconscious participant.

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