Ruja Shakya – Ill-fated air hostess featured in various medias

The Sita Air crash that killed it’s beautiful air hostess, Ruja Shakya, has been featured in international media including The Telegraph in UK.


The plane crash caused the death of seven British trekkers along with 12 other passenger and crew members. Dean Nelson for The Telegraph states:

The parents of the air hostess killed along with seven British trekkers when their jet crashed in Kathmandu, said their beauty queen daughter had died chasing her dream of working for a ‘glamorous’ international air line.

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Junior Prince Princess Beauty Pageant 2012, talent show

Quantam Pictures P. Ltd. has organized a talent round of Junior Prince Princess Beauty Pageant 2069. The event was organized in 84 Parikar Restaurant, located in Old Baneshowr, on Saturday September 29, 2012. The beauty pageant is themed "Creating beautiful Nepal through beautiful kids."


In the event, the judges were singer and musician Shishir Yogi, actress Poojana Stri, journalist Bijaya Awaz and music video director Minakshi Koirala.

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